lunes, 27 de agosto de 2007

Robyn - Robyn (UK Retail) (2007)

ARTiST: Robyn
TiTLE: Robyn
LABEL: Konichiwa
TiME: 48:21 min
SiZE: 62,9 MB
RiP DATE: Aug-17-2007
RELEASE DATE: 000-00-0000

Track List:

01. Curriculum Vitae 01:53
02. Konichiwa Bitches 02:37
03. Cobrastyle 04:10
04. Handle Me 03:47
05. Bum Like You 03:28
06. Be Mine! 03:27
07. With Every Heartbeat With Kleerup 04:13
08. Who's That Girl! 03:47
09. Bionic Woman 00:16
10. Crash And Burn Girl 03:36
11. Robotboy 03:31
12. Eclipse 03:29
13. Should Have Known 03:59
14. Anytime You Like 03:52
15. Jack You Off (Uk Bonus Track) 02:16

Release Notes:

Robyn is the pint-sized atom bomb dosed on electric
and dispensing wisdom in three-minute modernist pop
bulletins on the post-adolescent condition. Her
newest album, 'Robyn' is a collection of
ultra-concise pop moments û that rarest of things, a
classic pop album. It's a sad-eyed, super-strong
battery of nuclear-powered pop and it's the best
weapon she's got.

The UK release of 'Robyn' also features re-recorded,
jumped up versions of 'Bum Like You' and 'Robotboy'.
The boisterous æCobrastyleÆ (which was previously
released on last years 'Rakamonie EP') and the heart
achingly beautiful 'With Every Heartbeat' has also
been added.